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Weighted Pet Bowls – Raised Weighter Pet Feeders

The PetWeighter weighted pet bowl is designed to enhance your dog’s dinner time, the original PetWeighter ensures safe and hassle-free feeding.

With space-saving technology and food-grade ABS composition, PetWeighter elevated bowls allow you to create the ultimate feeding station for your beloved pets.

Whether your dog gets overexcited and tips his bowl over in anticipation of his next gourmet meal or your faithful friend likes to keep you on your toes by knocking her food bowl over, PetWeighter raised bowls are designed to stay put – even if your dog isn’t!

Collie feeding from Petweighter elevated feeding bowl

Raised food and water bowls for dogs make mealtimes easier for everyone!

Whether you’re looking for the best weighted pet bowls for large dogs, dog bowls with a stand for large dogs or a single raised dog dish, PetWeighter has everything you need, as well as dog training aids, leads, collars and everything in between!

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