The Story of Petweighter™

Meet Charlie, the inspiration behind PetWeighter™

Charlie developed diabetes at the age of 6, and as a result, his adult human friends needed to make sure he had constant access to water.

They tried many products available on the market today, from bowls to fountains, but they just didn’t suit him.

Our designer was asked to make something that would allow Charlie constant and comfortable access to water, but that he couldn’t tip (or move!)


Thanks to Charlie, the first PetWeighter™ was born. And it worked!

First Petweighter
Charlie with the First Petweighter

How it Works

  1. Un-clip the bowl from the base using one hand on either side of the bowl
  2. Unscrew the 5cm cap from the PetWeighter™ Base
  3. Fill the Base with water, sand, sand and water, or ice cubes (for the heaviest weight of approx 13kg use sand and water together. Water will weigh to 7kg alone)
  4. Screw the cap back on firmly
  5. Fill the bowl up and pop back on the base (please note that you can choose to lock the bowl to the base, or not)
  6. No more noisy moving bowl!
  7. No more tipped, kicked, or spilled bowl!
  8. Pets have a more enjoyable, healthier feeding experience.


As you will see from the Key Features of the ‘PetWeighter™’, our Patent Pending design also serves to enhance a pet's consumption pleasure and makes feeding and watering so much easier.

We believe that many pets and their owners have similar problems, and thus the company is born, founded on a real solution. We now take genuine pleasure in offering this solution to pets and their owners all over the world.


Key Features

Stylish Design – Designed with the home in mind. The PetWeighter™ is pleasing on the eye and fits neatly into any room.

Sturdy and Secure - The PetWeighter™ comprises a base, and a bowl that locks onto and removes easily from the base for filling and cleaning. The base is an empty vessel and thus light at the point of retail, but can be filled with water, sand and water, or ice, to give it a weight of up to 13kg. When the bowl is placed back on the base, pets aren’t able to move the bowl around or knock it over to create a mess.  Mealtimes are now that much more enjoyable as pets must no longer chase their bowl to eat their meal! Furthermore, a bowl that doesn’t move may also reduce the speed at which pets consume their food which can be better for their digestion.

Elevated Eating Position – The PetWeighter™ bowl is raised from the ground to over 20cm tall. The elevated eating position may help improve a pet’s digestion and could be easier on their joints. Both digestion and joint complaints are increasingly common in veterinary practice and elevated feeding is often recommended by vets.

Hygienic & Safe – Designed with engineers whose specialty is health care. The PetWeighter™ Bowl is designed with hygiene in mind to ensure there aren’t cracks and crevices that can attract dirt and grime. The bowl is made from food-grade materials and is dishwasher safe.

Open Access – We all want pets to enjoy consuming their food and drink. The PetWeighter™ has a large open bowl which means pets are not restricted from accessing it. The bowl capacity is designed for meals and drinks of large dogs, but is suitable for use by smaller dogs, and cats too.

Slow Down – We are also developing an anti-gulp bowl that prevents pets from consuming their food and drink too quickly. This will attach to the original PetWeighter™ base.


The Benefits of Petweighter™


No more Soggy Socks!

The dog bowl that stays! Fill the base with sand or water for heavy weight. Place the bowl on top and voila! No more moving meals or soggy socks!


Elevation of Bowls

Arthritic changes can be common as pets get older but some discomfort may be alleviated during meal and drink times through the use of elevated bowls.


Water Availability

All pets need constant access to water, and so ensuring your pets bowl doesn't get tipped can help preserve their supply. It will also save you from mopping up!


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PetWeighter™ and Health

Speed of Eating - Rapid ingestion can mean that pets are not chewing their food thoroughly, which may impact their ability to digest it and can also cause regurgitation. It has been suggested that cats and dogs in the wild would catch their prey and eat it as quickly as possible before it is dragged away by a competitor.

A pet’s bowl of food may be thought of in a similar way, and if the bowl is moving they may feel like their food is at risk which in turn contributes to the speed at which they consume or ‘rapidly ingest’ their food.

PetWeighter™ bowls are designed to be so heavy (when the base is filled) that they do not move when your pet is consuming food or drink. If the bowl doesn’t move, your pet may not feel so threatened, and so the temptation to consume their foods so quickly may also be reduced.

Some pets are just plain greedy! PetWeighter™ is also available as an ‘anti-gulp’ accessory bowl that will attach to the PetWeighter™ base.

Arthritis - The PetWeighter may help alleviate some discomfort from areas such as the neck, chest, elbows, and shoulders. With a raised bowl pets don’t have to bend quite so far down, and the PetWeighter’s static position may also reduce the amount of movement required by a pet when feeding. This could in turn reduce the amount of stress put on the pet's joints*.

Megaesophagus - Because the PetWeighter is elevated, it may help the food move into the stomach with gravity and reduce regurgitation*. This could therefore help pets to receive the nutrition they need, and enjoy their meal times.

Water Availability - All pets need constant access to water, and so ensuring your pet's bowl doesn’t get tipped can help preserve their supply.

The PetWeighter can also be used to support specific needs. For example, Breeding Bitches and Puppies need a constant supply of water, and knocking over their bowls can mean a loss of valuable supply. Sometimes pups can tip the bowl or even soil in it. PetWeighter will help keep the bowl in place, and at an elevated position that young pups shouldn’t reach in to soil!

Petweighter™ has also won awards for innovation. But what delights us the most is knowing that our products have made a genuine difference to pets' feeding time. "Life-saving" is something that has been exclaimed by many! That makes it all worthwhile for us. We love making a difference and we love that our feeding and water bowls can be such a massive help to our customers.

Some of our Happy Canine Customers

Collie feeding from Petweighter elevated feeding bowl

*Always consult a Veterinary Surgeon to determine the height of feeding and other requirements that are most appropriate for a pet.

Disclaimer – The information given is not of a medical or advisory nature and no responsibility is accepted for the results of any actions made on the basis of it. Before taking specific actions in relation to a pet's health you are advised to seek independent advice from a qualified Veterinary Surgeon. Peak Pet Products Ltd accepts no responsibility for any action taken as a result of the guidance contained above or on this website.