How To Raise A Dog Bowl

How To Raise Dog Bowl

Designed raised dog food dishes may seem like something you can do at home, but you’ll need to do more than simply elevate your pet’s water and food bowls. Creating a safe and successful raised feeding platform requires innovation and ingenuity – we know because we’ve done it!

Our unique design ensures elevated food bowls for dogs can be used safely. As well as minimising the symptoms of various ailments and medical conditions, our raised food and water bowls for dogs create stress-free mealtimes for both you and your pooch.

Can you create a raised feeding station at home?

If you want to raise your dog’s food or water bowl, you might be tempted to simply stack it on top of a small table or footstool. However, it’s unlikely this will be the right height for your dog. As a result, it could lead to increased discomfort when eating or drinking and it may even result in your pet refusing to eat or drink.

Furthermore, DIY raised bowls for dogs are rarely as secure as they need to be. One of the advantages of using elevated dog food and water bowls is that they prevent your dog from tipping over its bowls or pushing them around the floor.

If you simply place their existing bowl on top of something to add height, it actually increases the risk of them spilling their food or drenching your floor with water. A DIY elevated feeding station won’t typically have secure grips or connections to hold a feeding bowl in place. Due to this, your dog will simply be able to knock its food or water bowl on to the floor, and create even more mess!

Whilst extra-large dog bowl stands and large dog elevated feeders may appear to be deceptively simple, an effective elevated pet dish needs to be placed at a specific height. Of course, this will depend on the size and breed of your dog.

Although extra tall dog bowls are designed to make eating and drinking more comfortable for your pet, dogs aren’t built to eat food which is placed at the height of their mouths. Instead, your dog should naturally lower its head to eat, but not to an excessive degree. Using top-quality high dog food bowls ensures your dog’s food and water can be raised to a comfortable height, whilst still allowing them to eat and drink naturally.

Determining the weight of your pet’s food bowls

PetWeighter feeding stations are a great way to raise the height of your dog’s food and water but we offer much more than simply added height. In addition to delivering raised feeding bowls for large dogs and medium breeds, out Original PetWeighter provides added stability and security.

A weighted water bowl and weighted pet food bowls stop your pet from knocking their bowls over accidentally or upturning them on purpose. If you’ve been left with water sloshing across your floor or pieces of kibble under the fridge, you’ll have asked yourself, ‘why do dogs knock over their food bowls?’, on the more than one occasion!

Dogs tip their food and water bowls for various different reasons. Larger dogs may accidentally knock their food bowls over simply because they’re excited about their next meal, for example. Alternatively, a mischievous pooch might mistake its bowls for toys and decide to carry them all over the house.

Whatever the reason, a pup which regularly upturns food bowls and water dishes can leave you with a continual mess to clear up.

By using heavy weight dog bowls, however, you can stop your pet from being able to carry, turn or tip their food or water bowls. If you’re looking for an anti-spill water bowl or a non-splash dog water bowl, a weighted pet bowl could be just what you need.

Of course, a heavy pet water bowl could be potentially dangerous if it isn’t secured properly. If you were to place a heavy dog water bowl on top of a small table, for example, a medium or large dog could easily knock it off.

Depending on its weight, it could cause serious damage to your dog if it were to land on its paw, for example.

When you use raised pet bowls for large dogs or elevated dog bowls for medium dogs, however, you can safely secure weight dog water bowls and food dishes to a raised feeding platform. This ensures your dog can comfortably eat and drink from height and prevents heavy duty dog bowls from posing a risk to you or your pooch.

Finding extra-large elevated dog bowls

Due to their size and strength, medium and large dog breeds have different needs to their smaller canine counterparts. If you have a Labrador, for example, you may be looking for dog bowls for tall dogs. Alternatively, Alsatian owners may be on the hunt for the best dog bowls for German Shepherds.

When you need elevated dog bowls for large breeds or a single raised dog bowls for large dogs, PetWeighter can help.

Designed to cater for medium and large dogs, our unique raised dog bowls for large breeds make mealtimes a breeze.

However, we don’t just have medium and large breeds and their owners in mind. Our Original PetWeighter is ideal for extra-large dogs too. If you own a colossal canine, you may need extra-large dog bowls and an extra-large elevated dog feeder. If so, our innovative design will ensure your furry friend can eat and drink in comfort.

Whether you need weighted cat bowls or untippable dog bowls for mischievous pups or the best dog bowls for large dogs, give PetWeighter a try. With award-winning design, exemplary functionality and top-quality materials, our elevated dog feeders ensure your pet has the feeding station it needs.

To find out more, why not get in touch? If you want to discuss your dog’s needs in more detail, learn more about the benefits of using raised dogs bowls or you simply want to say hello, contact PetWeighter now at