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At PetWeighter, we partnered up with our sister company, Scruffle, to bring you products for your pets that are not only designed for their health and happiness, but which support small UK manufacturers, artisans, and inventors, as well as being sustainably sourced and, where possible using natural materials.

We add to our range regularly so please keep popping back to see what we have added next. After all, happy pets mean happy humans!

The Benefits of PetWeighter™


No more Soggy Socks!

The weighted pet bowl that stays! Fill the base with sand or water for heavy weight. Place the bowl on top and voila! No more moving meals or soggy socks!


Elevation of Bowls

Arthritic changes can be common as pets get older but some discomfort may be alleviated during meal and drink times through the use of elevated bowls.


Water Availability

All pets need constant access to water, and so ensuring your pets bowl doesn't get tipped can help preserve their supply. It will also save you from mopping up!


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Our Story – Created with Love

It all started with a Miniature Schnauzer called Charlie.

Charlie developed diabetes at the age of 6, and as a result, his adult friends needed to make sure he had constant access to water. They tried many products available on the market today, from bowls to fountains, but they just didn’t suit him.

Our designer was asked to make something that would allow Charlie constant and comfortable access to water, but that he couldn’t tip (or move!)

The result was the first PetWeighter. And it worked!



My dog thinks he's playing for the Olympic hockey team when you put his bowl of food down on the floor! He is a large dog and bats the bowl violently with his front paw sending it careening across the room, crashing into furniture and walls and inevitably sending a shower of dog food pieces all over the room!

Great bowl! My dog loves it. Encourages him to eat all of his food as he didn’t like bending down so far. The people at PetWeighter were  great and really helpful when I had some questions.

I have two PetWeighter bowls for my dogs. We purchased one because the pup kept moving the bowl around so needed something sturdy. Bought a second for another dog, because these are easy to use and clean, and they don't get as messy as metal stands, also won't have to worry about rust.


No More Moving Meals!

What size is the PetWeighter?

Large PetWeighter Bowl

Petweighter Large Bowl Sizes

Medium PetWeighter Bowl

Medium Petweighter Bowl Sizes

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